Posted by: thakarron | November 10, 2009

An Introduction of Sorts..

So this is the first post (hopefully one of many), and I’ll talk about what I have in mind for the blog content-wise. If you’re looking for more general introductory information just check out my about page to find out about the blog, my toon, and me.

I know everyone’s probably thinking that this is just another drop in the gigantic sea of hunter blogs, but hopefully that won’t be the case. I’ve seen a lot of new hunter blogs pop up and then blog-fade all too quickly, so I’m gonna do my best not to let that type of thing happen to this blog!

Anyway, I’ll try to cover a wide range of content in my posts — expect hunter guides/strategies (even though almost every blog does hunter guides, and they probably do it alot better than I will!), journal-style “what-I’ve-been-up-to”s, information about blogs/podcasts/resources that I’m a fan of, some off-topic talk about real life (gasp!), RP short stories, and a bit of QQ ranting :O

I’ll try to do special topics and features to keep things interest, as well as participating in shared topics or other events in the blog community. I’ll be on the blog azeroth and azeroth united forums as soon as I can also, so hopefully we can all get to talking soon!


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