Posted by: thakarron | November 13, 2009

Survival – No Survivors!

So since this is a Hunter blog I guess I should post some actual content. I’ll start with my “main” spec, Survival. I know a lot of better bloggers than me have covered this topic, so I’ll try to put my own twist on things to keep it interesting (hopefully!). This multi-part guide will provide an in-depth guide to what being a survival hunter means, how to spec your survival hunter and what each relevant talent does, what shots to use and when as well as other mechanics, and other tidbits like itemization. Now lets cut to the chase and dive in!

Overview – What is a Survival Hunter?

Most hunters are generally pretty similar, since we aren’t a hybrid class we generally have one thing we do: single-target ranged DPS aka Pew Pew. Choosing a spec isn’t a drastic change in our capabilities, its based more upon your play style and what flavor of Pew you want to bring to the table.

Ironically enough being a Survival Hunter doesn’t really increase your chances of living through raid damage or standing-in-the-shit damage, what it does do is make it a lot harder for the boss to survive the encounter. The Survival tree generally focuses on keeping our DOTs on the target as much as possible (most of these DOTs provide a buff to our DPS in some way, so that makes them extra win), as well as not clipping any of these DOTs. Survival DPS has less burst than Marksman, but after a few seconds of having our DPS ramp up to full speed we can definitely crank out the numbers.

In a raid setting Survival hunters provide some useful buffs, a side dish to our heaping helping of DPS if you will. If specced right a Survival hunter can provide the Replenishment buff, which a lot of other classes can do as well, but better to be safe than sorry right? Survival, like the other hunter specs, has a lot of utility via trapping and a wide range of special shots that can help get the raid out of sticky situations.

Speaking of raiding, in the next post I’ll go over the top raid spec for a Survival hunter and what each talent provides. Stay tuned!


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