Posted by: thakarron | November 20, 2009

No Survivors! Part 4 – Itemization and Glyphs

The final installment in my series of Survival guides, I’ll be closing up the class with a look at the best glyphs as well as what stats to focus on. I realize I’ve left a lot out, but most of those things apply to all specs of hunters so I’ll have them up in a more generalized guide later on.


1. Hit Rating – 8% hit is needed to achieve the “hit cap” which means we’ll never miss against a raid boss. This is achieved by acquiring hit rating gear (263 hit rating is needed to reach the hit cap) This is the most important thing to work on because a shot that misses means it didn’t deal any damage, which means you just wasted your time.

2. Agility – After hit its the highest DPS stat for Survival hunters, because it scales with almost everything (a lot of our bonus agility talents are percentage based, which means the more base agility you have the more you gain from the percentage) so go for this as much as you can, it will provide both attack power and crit rating as well so you won’t need to focus on those stats unless you don’t have a choice.

3. Armor Penetration – There was a lot of hype about ArPen for a while, which may have led you astray. For Survival almost all our damage is spell-based and Ar-Pen only affects physical damage, therefore we do not want it! (evar!)

4. Haste – Haste provides a small DPS increase until it reaches the “haste cap” for a hunter. Haste is capped when your steady shot cast time is at 1.5 seconds, this means it’ll be equal to the GCD and won’t cause any lull between it and your next shot. There’s no need to actively pursue this either, if you’re picking up the right gear it’ll come without really trying too hard.

5. Intellect – A weird stat for a hunter, don’t actively go for this one, generally our gear has enough to keep our mana pool reasonable, but if you start feeling like your spending a little too much time in Viper maybe throw a int-hybrid gem into one of your sockets, but don’t go out of your way or sacrifice a more important stat for this one.


1. Glyph of Explosive Shot – Increases the chance on a crit of every tick, this makes the already ridiculous crit chance of Explosive Shot even more. Clear winner.

2. Glyph of Serpent Sting – Extending the duration of Serpent Sting is great because we don’t have to worry about refreshing it as much, freeing up some time in our rotation for better shots.

3. Glyph of Kill Shot – Shortens the cooldown allowing us to fit more into the limited time which they are available, once a boss hits 20% the rest of its health should just disappear!

Minor Glyphs – Lucky for us, all the minor hunter glyphs pretty much suck. So the choice is up to you guys, none of them are a DPS boost or even a big gain utility wise, I just make sure to have Glyph of Feign Death in there so I can pretend-to-die more often =]

Well that about covers Survival spec, hopefully this was helpful to you guys (even if a billion other blogs have done the same). I’ll be working on a Marksman guide as well in the future…and maybe a Beast Mastery one also if I ever have time to respec and get serious about learning it. I’ll respond as best I can and try to answer any questions you guys might have. Thanks!



  1. […] very similar to that of Survival, so you should check that out if you haven’t already (over here), but there are some differences and I’ll go over them […]

  2. […] very similar to that of Survival, so you should check that out if you haven’t already (over here), but there are some differences and I’ll go over them […]

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