Posted by: thakarron | November 20, 2009

Weekly Report #1 – The Pilot

Every Friday I’ll be posting a general recap of what I’ve been up to in WoW, as well as what my plans are for the upcoming weekend. I’ll try to stay regular with these to keep myself focused, and to let you all know what type of shenanigans I’ve been getting myself into!

This was a pretty sparse week of WoW playing for me, I’ve been swamped with exams (I’m writing this right after my math exam, which didn’t go so well -_-) as well as papers. Not to mention Modern-fucking-Warfare 2, which despite the lack of dedicated servers is a ton of fun (especially spec-ops mode with a friend). I did make both my regular 10 and 25 man raids (Tuesday and Thursday respectively), although I couldn’t make it to Wednesday’s 10-man old-school raid on Karazhan.

Tuesday night we tore it up as usual, bringing down ToC, Ony, and VoA with ease. We had some new additions to our usual crew due to a few long time members leaving or being unable to attend (I miss you Owl, and big-ups to Dragane for becoming a regular and doing a great job). Once we finished up our farm content we moved on to ToGC, and although it was many people’s first time we did reasonably well. Gormok got down to about 20-15%, with about 30 seconds to go before the worm phase, so our DPS was working well (no surprise there >:]). The main issue was his Impales, which were beating up our tanks like Ike Turner. Healers were hard pressed with DoTs from the Fire Bombs (even though everyone was getting out of it as best as they could, the ticking was still brutal) and the huge tank damage. Our execution was on-point though so it’s a matter of time (and maybe a little gear) until we gt his sweaty snobold-loving ass down.

In my 25-man we did great, devoting an entire night to ToC and making it to Anub (5% wipe on our last attempt…not win!). I liked this setup a lot better than squeezing in VoA and Ony, since we don’t have ToC on farm-status or anything yet and we need to spend all the time we can on it. The raid was going great (possibly the best I’ve seen yet with this group) easily one-shotting Beasts, Jaraxxus, and Faction Champs (gasp!). Twins was a stumbling block for this group (raid damage was taxing healers, people were nomming the wrong balls, etc) but after a few attempts we brought them down too. Our DPS was much better on their Twin’s Pact (also a big problem for us in the past) and we were interrupting them no problem. Not to mention Suicide Kings finally smiled on me and I got my trophy off of them >:]] On Anub we took a few tries figuring out, but we got the hang of it, unfortunately we ran out of time.

As for the weekend I’m not gonna be in WoW much apart from doing dailies, since I just went under 5k getting my new gear upgraded and playing the market on Crusader Orbs (which is going to shit on Earthen Ring T_T). As for real life I’m gonna be busting ass washing all the windows (my girlfriend said she’ll “help” but we’ll see what that means xP) and probably washing cars too. I’m gonna try and get a blog post out on the shared topic, or maybe a add-on guide or something (I recently switched to Deus Vox Encounters from DBM and its a huge improvement IMO).

Well thanks as always guys, hope everyone has a good weekend! =]



  1. One thing I noticed our guild doing on Beasts heroic was levitating everybody to avoid the amount of fire bomb damage taken.

    • Oh that works? I never would have thought of that haha =P unfortunately my 10-man team runs without any priests at all, we heal with two it makes some encounters tough, especially when tank damage is huge like on Gormok..what I wouldn’t give for a pally or disc priest! :<

      Thanks for the feedback though, I really appreciate it!

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