Posted by: thakarron | November 30, 2009

Marksmanship – Hitting the Mark!

Since we’ve finished Survival its time that I moved on to my current favorite spec to play, Marksmanship. I know I said that Survival was my main spec, but the more time I’ve spent with Marksmanship the more I’ve come to love it. This guide will have the same structure as my previous one, going over talents, rotations, glyphs, etc.

Overview – What is a Marksmanship Hunter?

More than anything Marksmanship provides a ton of diversity to our style of damage-dealing. A marksman hunter can bring both heavy burst damage, and more steady streams of numbers. Unlike Survival, reapplying DoTs is trivial thanks to the unique shots that the Marksmanship spec brings along with it, Chimera Shot to be specific. Also unlike Survival, Marksmanship talents apply a large number of buffs to our physical damage and therefore, our auto-shots and Steady Shots hit much harder than in any other spec.

Although Survival specialzes in the use of traps and CC, Marksmanship has tons of utility in its own right. Chimera Shot adds another layer of depth to our key stings, Aimed Shot not only applies a healing debuff but also leads to stacking bleed effects, Silencing Shot can interrupt and lock out spell casters, and Readiness can reset all our cooldowns for back-to-back usage. In raids Marksmanship can sometimes bring Trueshot Aura, as well as Improved Hunters Mark (if you end up drawing the short straw). One of the best things about Marksmanship, in my opinion, is that unlike Survival you don’t have to rely on waiting for procs, you get to control damage boosting abilities like Rapid Fire and other cooldowns with skilled use of Readiness. Watching cooldowns is a large part of Marksman spec, and although it takes more concentration and “court-vision”, using our cooldowns in the right time and manner can be a huge boost in our DPS.

In the next post I’ll be discussing how to allocate your talent points to make your Marksman Hunter as lethal as possible. Look for that soon!


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