Posted by: thakarron | December 10, 2009

Hitting the Mark! Part 4 – Itemization and Glyphs

Here’s the final post of my Marksmanship guide, I’ll be detailing what stats you should be going for as well as the glyphs to take. Sorry this is so late, classes are really swamping me with finals on the horizon =[

A lot of the itemization for Marksmanship is very similar to that of Survival, so you should check that out if you haven’t already (over here), but there are some differences and I’ll go over them here.

Armor Penetration – Since Marksmanship deals so much physical damage we benefit a lot more from ArPen than Survival. Don’t shirk away from gear with ArPen, but in the current day it isn’t the end-all stat that it once was. If you have less than around 350 armor penetration on your gear (without any gems or enchantments) than you should continue to use Arcane Shot in your rotation, but if you have between 350 and 850 armor penetration you can take out Arcane Shot in favor of more Steady Shots (you can also change your talents and remove Improved Arcane Shot), because it provides more DPS than plain old Arcane Shots. If you have over 850 ArPen on your gear, then you can switch out agility gems for armor pen gems and see a DPS increase (I personally don’t reccomend this because you end up being gimped in many situations, but very good in one or two “perfect” encounters)


1. Glyph of Kill Shot – Same as Survival, having a lower cooldown is great for burning through the last chunk of a boss’s health.

2. Glyph of Chimera Shot – Lowering the cooldown by 1 second may not seem like much, but it does make it fit nicely into our rotation and lets us get off more shots with less downtime.

3. Glyph of Serpent Sting – Increasing the duration of Serpent Sting is always good, but for Marksmanship its AWESOME. Chimera Shot does 40% of Serpent Sting’s damage so the increased time increases the damage of Chimera Shot by a fair bit (this is also why 2 piece t9 is so great, moar DPS!!).

4. Glyph of Steady Shot (Optional) – If you have the ArPen to get rid of Arcane Shot, and now that the patch has fixed it, this glyph could become very viable and you could possibly substitute it out for the Glyph of Kill Shot.

Minor Glyphs – Yup..they still suck. I still use Feign Death, you could throw in Mend Pet for additional happiness if that’s an issue for you.

Well, that wraps up Marksmanship hopefully it was as helpful as my Survival guide. Hopefully I’ll be done with the basic guides soon (a macro guide will be up soon, as well as probably a handful of add-on guides as time goes on), so we can get into some more “fun” posts if the readers are getting bored =P Thanks again guys!



  1. For minors I use Feign Death, Mend Pet and Revive Pet, better than empty slots, but really the only other minor worth considering imho is the eyes of the beast minor which is useless really but kinda fun :p I stuck it in my BM soloing spec for fights like Terokk, so you can get a little extra damage off while moving the turtle around.

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