Posted by: thakarron | December 25, 2009

Macros for Huntering

Hey everyone, now that the spec-specific guides are all finished I’m gonna go into more general things that I use to try and play a hunter. Since we have so many abilities, having macros is pretty much a neccessity for being efficient in a raid environment. I use quite a bit, ranging from some pretty complicated ones to mind-numbingly simple. So I’ll put them up here for you guys to check out. If you get inspired to modify or improve them be sure to comment and let me know =] (I’m always looking for some new fangled macros :3)

The Basics

1. Hunter’s Mark/Opener (Survival Version) – I always use this macro when I first engage a mob, by tapping it a few times I can send in my pet, cast Hunter’s Mark, cast Serpent Sting, and cast either Black Arrow or Aimed Shot (depending on my spec). This is awesome for opening up a fight quickly and efficiently, as well as saving space on your action bars.

2. Misdirection – This is a great one, the code itself is a little complicated but what it does is actually pretty simple. It saves you from having to switch targets off a boss, and generally makes MDing a no-brainer. If you have a friendly focus it’ll MD that, if you have a enemy focus that’s targeting a friendly it’ll MD them, if you have a friendly target it’ll MD that, if you have an enemy target that’s targeting a friendly it’ll MD them, and last but not least if your pet’s alive it’ll MD it. This may sound like a lot, but its a simple priority system, with the first line of code overriding all the others, for example you’ll only MD your pet if none of the other requirements of the macro can be met.

3. Rapid Fire – This macro is simple, if possible it’ll pop Rapid Fire and a DPS increasing racial if you have one(Blood Fury in my case), as well as activate any on-use trinkets you have. This is a great way to stack up any available cooldowns.

4. Steady Shot – This has a lot of code, but it doesn’t really do anything overly fancy. It’ll make sure abilities you should be using every available cooldown but aren’t autocasted (Kill Command for example) are getting used. I also added Silencing Shot, because of its long cooldown its tough to time it as a reliable interrupt but the DPS increase of using it every time it’s up is great. You’ll notice I added in the use of whatever is in my glove slot because I have Hyperspeed Accelerators equipped and its best to use those everytime they’re available. None of these abilities trigger a GCD and therefore don’t break the macro.

5. Pet Care – This is a nice all in one macro, if your pet isn’t out it’ll call it. If it is out it casts Mend Pet. If your pet is dead it will revive it. If your pet is dead and its corpse despawned (as they do often) holding shift will force it to cast Revive Pet. If you hold alt then it will dismiss your pet, which is good for long falls or other situations.

Alt-Cast Macros
These are really simple so I’m not going to post them individually. What they do is save space on your cast bar and allow you to bind 2 spells to one key by modifying it by holding down Alt. Making one of these is really simple just start off with “#showtooltip” and on the next line put “/cast [nomodifer] *whatever spell you want*”. On the line after that put “/cast [modifier:alt] *that other spell*”. For example I have alt-cast macros for Explosive Shot and Serpent Sting (regularly casts explosive, holding down alt reapplies SS), Chimera Shot and Serpent Sting (regular chimera, alt SS if it falls off for some reason), and Aimed Shot and Multi-shot (regular aimed, alt multi). You can bind the modifier key to anything (shift, ctrl, etc) but I prefer alt because ctrl modifiers are for my pet bar and my 2nd bar is for shift key spells.

Anyway I hope this is helpful, either to get you started with macros or give you some basic code to improve and personalize!

P.S. Instead of pasting the ugly code in my post I used Fitzcairn’s Macro Explain-O-Matic, which is a great site that takes a macro you paste in and spits out the translation of what the macro does in simple terms. You can find the site here.



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