Posted by: thakarron | January 31, 2010

Shared Topic: How to HELP Melee DPS Survive

Now that I’m back I thought I’d try and be more active in the blogging community, instead of just posting stuff I wanna write. Besides this is a big help since I often live in a non-creative loser doldrum. Well lets get down to it, this is the Blog Azeroth for the week of January 25th, hope you all like it!

So you may be wondering why I’m writing about melee DPS survival. No I don’t play a silly DK (at least not one thats raiding). No I don’t have a secret healer alt. And no I’m not some stupid melee huntard. Despite all this, there are still things a ranged DPS can do to help out the melee, whose job can often times be pretty tough (its hard to do other things when your stuck up Marrowgar’s ass).

1. Share your DPS – When effects that need to be DPSed down appear (bone spikes for example, etc etc) be sure not to neglect the melee that are affected by them as well, even if you need to run around a little. Freeing up a healer is of course a higher priority, but once the ranged/healers around you are all good don’t forget about your plate wearing buddy down by the boss’s feet.

2. Sacrifice DPS – Other mechanics require a ranged DPS to stay off the boss for a long time to handle special tasks (kiting Blood Beasts, handling adds on Jaraxxus, or what have you) and taking care of these things is generally a lot easier for us than for melee DPS. We don’t have to move to switch targets. Hunters especially have abilities that help on kiting (Distracting Shot, Concussive Shot, Frost Trap, etc). So be quick to use them instead of letting them get loose and smack on the melee (them getting hit makes them die more, and when it comes to Blood Beasts it makes the entire raid die more). They often have enough on their plates already!

3. Don’t  stress the healers – Generally melee DPS will take more damage than ranged DPS will, they’re closer to the boss and have less time to react to AOE effects (sometimes they even have trouble seeing them) and also may have to run away from the boss if he does a proximity effect. This means healers will be focusing more on the  melee than on ranged DPS, unless we’re being stupid and taking damage from EASILY AVOIDABLE effects. If a healer has to heal us its less likely they’ll be able to get the heal off on a melee DPS (or even worse a tank), this is bad. We have a lot of time to get away from shit (cold flames, fire/ice/goo/poison/shadow/what-the-fuck-ever patches) so we should rarely if ever take damage from such a mechanic.
Another way to take some weight off the healers is to control adds (we have Distracting Shot and Misdirect for a reason) to keep them from having to heal themselves or panicking and losing their shit. Pull off the boss drop a Misdirect on the tank and yank that add back into place, or if things are heated pop Distracting Shot, man up, and kite the damn thing yourself until it gets under control again. If we play better and worry more about situational awareness instead of DPS (getting off that one last Steady Shot is not worth sitting in a pile of flaming crap) it in turn helps the melee DPS play better, which continues to snowball and eventually makes the whole raid better. Shocking!

These tips are pretty simple, and even though a lot of them are small they really do help the rest of your raid team. If we can play with this mentality (and the melee DPS also play their best) it makes it a lot easier for them to stay alive and whack the boss with whatever big weapon they have. As I hunter I have as big of a rivalry with kitty druids, combat rogues, or unholy DKs as the rest of you do, but I still try my best to help them stay up (its not like they can top our DPS anyway guys so don’t worry about that >:])

Well this was my first BA Shared Topic, so I’d love any feedback on how to improve writing this kind of thing. Hope this helps some people, even if they aren’t hunters (melee DPS that can see what ranged DPS have to do from their perspective will probably be just as helpful as one of us reading this). Thanks for the read!


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