Posted by: thakarron | February 8, 2010

Gearscore: Cry Moar

There’s been a whole mess of debate over the Gearscore add-on and its ramifications. I figure I’d throw my 2 cents into the pile of change already building up. I feel pretty strongly about this whole ordeal, so I apologize in advance if  I get a little fired up.

First of all, there are a ton of people hating on Gearscore because it keeps them out of heroics/raids/whatever, and is blamed for the general dickheadedness of many players. This is not the case. World of Warcraft existed before Gearscore did, and so did pricks. People will always want a numerical baseline to measure others against, and it can be any number of things apart from your GS. It used to be your DPS, then it was your acheivements, and now its your GS. This is not Gearscore’s fault, this the fault of the douchebags that abuse it. A lot of people don’t care about the people who are targeted by GS-Nazi’s since they’re already geared up, but I remember getting kicked out of groups when I was trying to build up because of low DPS/no acheivement/whatever. This will always happen, and this will continue to happen. Gearscore did not make people into douchebags, that guy that kicked you from his heroic Utgarde Keep run because your GS was under 5000 would still have been a douchebag and kicked you for some other reason if he didn’t have Gearscore.

I actually like Gearscore. (gasp!) It provides a good barometer for yourself and others. Of course it won’t tell you if someone is a total moron with a lot of nice gear or a brilliant DPS savant in crappy blues. But it will help you know what to expect from someone, in a good way. For example, before Gearscore you had to inspect someone, interpret if their gear is decent for their role, and maybe take a look at their spec to see how well they’ll do. Now you can just mouse over the tank and instantly know whether you need to work Misdirection and Feign Death into your rotation or if you can just bring the rain. This is great. This saves time. This makes the entire run a little smoother. This is not a bad thing. Gearscore is designed as a tool to make things easier for you and other people. A tool can’t be inherently bad or flawed or naughty, its all about who uses it. A construction worker uses a drill to make his work way faster and easier. But if he replaces the drill-bit with a large plastic phallus and sits on it he’s using the tool in completely the wrong fashion, but that isn’t the drill’s fault now is it?

If you’re complaining that Gearscore is ruining your game and that your 15 dollars a month are going to waste then you need to rethink things. There are certain limitations that a game designed around the items you have place on you. I don’t care how awesome you are, you won’t be doing well in a ICC run if you just finished gearing up out of 10-man Naxx. This is not Gearscore’s fault, late game WoW is designed to be about gear. And if it wasn’t we’d all be playing naked androgynous manikins with exactly the same abilities and strengths. I’m not saying if you don’t have gear you’re crap, but I’m saying there’s always a limit to what you can do. If you constantly run into doucheasauruses, then I’d suggest you find a guild or group of friends instead of cry about how Gearscore is ruining your life. Even with the awesome LFG system Blizzard did not design you to play this game alone (at least not at 80) if you intend to get into raiding. Having friends makes WoW exponentially better, and if I wasn’t as tight with the team I raid with as well as all my other friends I probably would have quit WoW a long long time ago, regardless of if Gearscore existed or not.

On another note, if you thing that Gearscore is so bad that you have to use “Gearscore Breaker” I can pretty much guarantee you’ll make way more enemies than friends, especially me. Someone put in a ton of work into making a (obviously complex) add-on and if you hate it so much that you wanna break it you’re being even more of a tool than the guys that won’t let you into their Nexus run. I’ve seen people running with this mod, which gives them a 6k plus GS until you get close enough to inspect them and see that they’re wearing questing greens and a smattering of PvP gear. This pisses me off to no-fucking-end. Thank you for taking the easy way out instead of working to grab some drops, make some friends, get in a guild, do dailies to buy crafted items, or anything remotely sensible. I don’t care if your GS is 90000 if its fake I’ll kick you out even if your real GS is higher than mine, just because I don’t want a human being in my group that thinks the best thing to do is ruin another person’s work and try to pull the wool over my eyes like I’m not clever enough to figure out that he’s a fucking moron. So stop with the Gearscore breaker and just man the fuck up. Please.

*huffs and puffs*

Yeesh, well now that that’s off my chest I hope that gave you all a little insight into the positive side of Gearscore (it really isn’t the ultimate evil or anything). And if you do hate GS this is no way targeted at you, I’m just trying to show you where I come from and get you to maybe see things from a little bit of a different perspective. Thanks for the read, I’d love any comments about your point of view on this whole Gearscore War!



  1. You got turned down for low dps/no achievement/whatever useless stat d-bag group leader used, yet you are a proponent of the biggest faux elitist-making addon? Odd.

    I’m not a fan of gscore, but it doesn’t really bother me. I don’t pug. I don’t know my gscore. If people use gscore as the basis of their judgment of a player’s skill, fine but know the risks involved.

    • What I meant is Gearscore or no Gearscore people are still douchebags, its not the fault of the addon. The person that turned someone away for a low gearscore would probably have found some other way (achievement, dps, etc etc) to put them selves on a pedestal and feel superior to other players.

      I’m a fan of the addon and the functionality it brings, I’m not a fan of people who misuse the tool and turn it from helpful to harmful.

      Thanks for your comment, I’m heading over to have a look at your blog right now =]

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