Posted by: thakarron | March 20, 2010

WoWPhiles Podcast!

Hey, quick post here. The new episode of the Wowphiles podcast is up and I’m on it! :O Modum and Jaizen are awesome guys, not to mention they lead my 10 man raid. If you guys haven’t heard of them they’re a great wow podcast, definite up-and-comers with a ton of content presented with their unique views, and both hosts are really easy to listen to.  The interview itself covers a bunch of basic stuff for hunters (things I’m sure you guys already know), but if you feel like hearing my sensuous voice give it a listen (or are just curious) besides their other segments are always awesome too. Be sure to hit them up with 5 star reviews, add them to your subscriptions on iTunes, and check out their site (my blog is syndicated over there as well if you want to read it twice as often =])

P.S. If I sound funny its because I’m from Hawaii =X and I don’t know why I said “definitely” so much either..feel free to tease me :< (I was nervous!!)


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