Posted by: thakarron | April 13, 2010


Hey everyone, sorry I’ve been falling off my blog-game for a while. Spring break was crazy busy for all the right reasons, then after that I had a ton of midterms not to mention crazy hours at work. Aside from that, I’ve also been experiencing some weird burn-out like feelings about WoW =/ luckily I’m over that now and feeling a little more energized about the game.

I won’t hesitate to admit that things have been strange, my 10 man is down to raiding one night a week (a marathon session of ass-kickery) and my 25s ended up disbanding when the leadership decided to take a break and have more real life time, a decision I support wholeheartedly. At first I was thinking that it’s for the best, and although I don’t talk about it much I have some issues with my 25-man team. It isn’t that they piss me off on purpose or are a bunch of dicks, its just that sometimes I think the people that share the same mindset I do are heavily outnumbered by those that don’t. Anyway, after that thought I was assaulted by another thought..what if instead of enjoying the time off I went the opposite way and got back into raid-leading (which I did in vanilla during silly silly silly 40 man content). This is clearly crazy talk, raid-leading is really a rough job (especially from a logistical point and all the behind-the-scenes shit that goes down) and I have nothing but respect for those that do it. When I was thinking this I began to realize that my raiding addiction is really pretty intense, if you know something would be bad for you and it would get under your skin yet you still wanna dedicate hours and hours to try and do it you clearly have a problem =P In the end everything worked out though, a few other people stepped up to handle the logistics of the reformed 25 and try and continue. They decided on a leadership council, with people doing different roles (loot, strats, invites, etc) and I was happy (perhaps foolish) to get involved. I’m hoping that with the reform our 25 will head in a slightly different direction and be able to make some changes to our composition and our general attitude. I may end up in the role of the enforcer (read: asshole), but thats a position I’ve played before. I’ll be sure to keep you guys more informed on whats happening with all that, if anything it’ll provide some good content for the blog!

Speaking of content, now that I’m spending less time raiding and most current ICC stuff has gotten stale for most people I think you can expect more UI/addon related posts as well as more meta-posts about my feelings (yuck) and other stuff like the Blog Azeroth shared topic. I’ll try to work up something about recent news, like the Cataclysm preview and whatnot. But to be frank I’m a lot more interested in some of the other classes’ changes instead of hunters, IMHO they seem pretty lame at the moment. Hopefully as things get more and more precise I’ll get more into it. Well on that note, I’m back in the blog scene albeit with a few changes. A slightly different view on the game, a new haircut in real life :O, and an entirely redone UI that I’ll post up this week. Also that DXE preview is still coming! Sorry its so late =/ thanks for keeping the faith guys =]



  1. Enforcer? hee hee, sounds good ’cause we could use that!

    Looking forward to more blog updates, especially the UI tweaks. I’m still using Pearl Classic… don’t hate.

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