The Blog

This is a World of Warcraft blog focusing on the hunter class, from a raiding/pve perspective. I hope that this blog will become a source for WoW players (hunters or otherwise) that provides both helpful tips as well as my own perspective on the game, as well as a few other things. Hunter’s have a myriad of ways to track the various species that populate Azeroth, maybe now we can find a way to hunt down intelligent conversation and helpful hints!

The Hunter

Thakarron is a level 80 Orc Hunter on Earthen Ring (US) in Alea Iacta Est. He’s dual specced Survival/Marksman and raids with both the Navy Seals and Drunk with Power: Team Beautiful raid teams in AIE. He spends more time than he would like to admit doing dailies, not to mention cooking and fishing. I’m sure you’ll be hearing more than enough about him on the blog, but here’s a link to his armory, just in case.

The Player

Anyway I guess I should say a little about myself, my name is Ross and I was born and raised in Hawaii. Currently I’m attending the University of Hawaii, studying to be an English major, I’m thinking about messing around in Kinesiology or Fitness as well, but nothing’s set in stone yet. Apart from gaming I spend a lot of time just hanging out with my friends, working, watching movies, cooking, going to the gym or the beach. Not many vices other than gaming, other than a little bit of partying and unhealthy addiction to shopping xP. Speaking of gaming I started playing WoW in vanilla, but quit before BC dropped. I picked up again and got serious right after the Wrath launch. As for blogging, I’ve been reading WoW blogs for a long time and the other authors I love to follow are probably the main thing that got me started (so its all your fault!) and all I can hope is that I’ll be able to be a poor imitation of their skill and influence.

Anyway, thanks for reading guys! Check back often I’ll be doing my best to keep it updated. I can’t wait to hear from everyone =]

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